Travel info

Coming to Lobolo Camp

By Road

Turkana is accessible by road via Kitale, Kapenguria to Lodwar, a journey that covers 700km. The road condition is relatively good, tarmac road up to Lokichar and from here up to Lodwar it is murram though the Chinese are tarmacking the section on the way to Lodwar.  From Lodwar the 25km drive to Eliye Springs junction is tarmac and from here to Lobolo Camp, 40km stretch, it is a well maintained murram road.

By Air

Turkana is also accessible by air. There are scheduled flights between Nairobi and Lodwar operated by Fly540, Safarilink Aviation, Skyward Express and Silverstone. From Lodwar transfer by road to Lobolo Camp

By Charter

Its possible to charter a fixed wing aeroplane to Eliye Springs airstrip and from here transfer to Lobolo Camp.

Staying with us on the shores of Lake Turkana

Length recommended

The length of stay depends on how one perceive the conditions expected around Lake Turkana and how resilient one is as far as the weather and, harsh and inhospitable conditions are concerned. We at Lobolo Camp do call Turkana our second home and feel privileged that we get to experience and enjoy this fantastic/unique part of Kenya that many people can only dream of. 

Family welcome

Lobolo Camp is not limited to adult clientele only but we do welcome families as well with open arms. We believe children are the future and when we instil environmental values and sense of quality travel, and appreciation for nature, we have really good and committed ambassadors of a better world in the future.