Turkana Traditions

Turkana people

Turkana is the home of the proud mainly pastoralist ethnic group of the Nilotic Turkana people. They descended from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) spreading and occupying the present day Turkana. Their aggressiveness and advanced Warcraft earned them victory over other ethnic nations and this is expressed in their folklore whereby they refer to themselves as “the people of the grey bull” and are known for taking care of livestock.

Cultural Visit

An early wake-up to enjoy the breath-taking sunrise before you embark on a morning drive to visit a Turkana village for cultural experience, learn about their way of life, join in their morning activities and also have the opportunity to do photography. The most ideal way to interact with your host community.  

Traditional dances

There are few places remaining in Africa of today where you can witness a traditional culture of such beauty and integrity. The Turkana culture is expressed by a unique wealth of dresses, hairstyles, jewellery, tales, songs, craftsmanship and knowledge, and this is witnessed through their traditional dances. Their dances are an experience to behold. 

Courtesy call-visit

You, our esteem guest is always welcome to pay a visit to the near-by Lobolo Primary school to interact with school children, teachers and the supporting staff, an experience and exposure the children are always looking forward to. Children always have a song or two to welcome visitors, so include one song too on your list because they do expect you to do the same, to compare notes.