Lake Turkana

To do a trip in Lake Turkana in Kenya is really a privilege because it is a unique and special place in the world.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" Quote by Augustine of Hippo

The world largest desert lake...

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake and it’s also the biggest alkaline lake. It has an area of approximately 6,400km square, is about 260km long, with a maximum width of 45km and average depth of 30m though it has a maximum depth of 110m. The water surface is at an altitude of 355m above sea level. Average day time temperatures may be as high as 40°C and lows of 32°C during cold season in the month of July, whereas the night temperatures may range from 30°C to the lows of 26 °C. Due to the temperature difference over the land and the lake water body cooling winds are experienced. Rainfall is usually less than 110mm per year.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lake Turkana is a spectacular slash of blue across parched desert, lava fields and mountains. Lake Turkana National Parks comprise of Sibiloi National Park, South Island and Central Island National Parks covering an area located within the Lake Turkana basin, and these national parks have collectively been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At an altitude of only 355 m above sea level, Lake Turkana is one of the hottest places in Kenya, with temperatures of 40° C not being uncommon. Onshore and offshore winds can be very strong, as the lake warms and cools more slowly than the land. Sudden violent storms are common.

Lake Turkana activities

Activities aboard on and around Lake Turkana include boat trips, visits to prehistoric and archaeological sites, Koobi Fora Museum, game view, bird watching, hiking on Central Island and cultural experience.