Birds & Wildlife

While on your trip in Turkana lake, we can observe birdlife and wildlife in this special environment.

Pure nature of Lake Turkana

The area is characterised by semi-desert habitat and vegetation is at its minimal and this is witnessed on both sides of the lake.

Birdlife around  Lobolo and Lake Turkana

An early wake-up-call with a cup of tea/coffee to enjoy sunrise before you embark on a morning walk along the beach to enjoy the view, the lake breeze, birds/bird’s-calling and Turkana community domestic animals coming down to quench their thirst. Our seasonal near by lagoon is a haven for flamingos, pelicans, herons, sacred ibis and many other water-bird species, the list is endless.

Wildlife mainly in Sibiloi National park

On and around Lake Turkana, wildlife is minimal, this is not a wildlife destination however in Sibiloi National Park, terrestrial wildlife includes zebras, Grant gazelles, lions, leopards, stripped hyenas, Beisa Oryx, greater kudu, cheetahs and northern topi among others. Sibiloi NP serves as a stopover for migrant waterfowl and is a major breeding ground for the Nile crocodile. A total of over 350 species of aquatic and terrestrial bird have been recorded in Lake Turkana.