Kenya facts

Kenya is a country-rich in wildlife, culture, history, beauty and, friendly  and welcoming people, and, the reason is rightfully described as “All of Africa in One Country”.

Kenya history

Kenya, an East African nation, spans more than 224,000 sq. miles (582,000 sq. Km), making it only slightly smaller than the state of Texas in the United States.

Kenya has a population of more than 50 million people and there are 42 ethnic groups that call Kenya home and each group has its own unique language and culture.  


Kenya is geographically diverse, from snow-capped mountain peaks to extensive forests to desert to wide-open plains. Kenya enjoys some of the world’s greatest environment diversity resulting in unparalleled species and sub-species varieties. 


Kenya enjoys a tropical climate. The coastal area is warm and humid, the central highlands are temperate, and it is both hot and dry in Kenya’s north and northeast regions. Rainfall is seasonal with most rain between the months of April and June and shorter rainfalls occurring in between October and December.

Kenya Today

Kenya is simply the best wildlife viewing destination in Africa, game safaris and wildlife tours are Kenya’s biggest attractions but beside this, it is a land of contrast and extremes, a country with variety of landscapes and locations, all of them striking in their own particular way and this has earned it the epithet “the cradle of mankind” for the discovery of archaeological sighting of the earliest origins of mankind. "Treat yourself to a trip "of your lifetime" a trip to Lake Turkana Basin.