Boat safaris

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake and it’s also the biggest alkaline lake, and what does this tell us, every detail operational or otherwise is taken in to consideration and seriously. 

From 1 day to 12 days ...

Our safaris offer on and around the Lake Turkana ranges from one day to twelve days but our services are not limited to safaris only, we do boat transfers from one destination to another whenever possible and available. Whatever your choice, short or long safari, you will be taking a safari or expedition that you will cherish the rest of your life. 

Our Coxswains

We, at Lobolo Camp take our responsibilities seriously and as such we have recruited and trained local Turkana people from our host community - Lobolo community. They are trained, tested, licensed and experienced on this unforgiving and hostile lake condition. 

Our boats

We own and operate boats, 30 foot sea going vessels originally designed for Mediterranean and fitted with the necessary safety equipment for boat based activities. Each boat carries six (6) passengers and the necessary crew plus their luggage, has a shade to protect from the sun, cushion seat for comfort, lifejacket for your safety and water plus drinks are also provided to make your travel as comfortable as possible. 


At Lobolo Camp we don't take anything for granted and our client safety is paramount hence we follow closely the weather, lake behaviour and condition before embarking on any safari on and around the lake. We ensure our safety gears are in place and our expedition team is in good shape and focused. 

Cost indication

Lake Turkana is big and having said this, its do-able whether by boat or helicopter and all you need to do is wear your adventurer's expedition hat, set your best foot forward and go. The exposure and experience is rewarding.

Our safaris or expeditions around the lake are at a price due to logistics involved to operate in such condition hence when you are planning your travel to Lake Turkana budget from USD 1,000 per day onward starting from the camp.