Lake Turkana People

Turkana is the home of the proud mainly pastoralist ethnic group of the Nilotic Turkana people. They descended from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) spreading and occupying the present day Turkana.

The Turkana, like the Samburu and Maasai, still maintain their undiluted way of life. They are distinguished as being great survivors, living in harsh and inhospitable terrain. 

As with all other pastoralist tribes in Kenya, livestock, especially cattle, are at the core of Turkana culture. They live a nomadic life, moving from one place to another depending on the availability of pasture and water for their animals.

Turkana life today, cattle is still the main source of livelihood and especially in the rural areas. The livestock provide food and are also a source of wealth when sold for money. Fishing in Lake Turkana is another important source of income for those living close to the lake.

The kids in Lake Turkana